GSON is an abstract artist and designer. Originally from the UK he now resides in Sydney, Australia.

Through many years of painting and drawing using traditional mediums, whilst simultaneously creating digitally, it seemed only logical to experiment with combining both processes. The interaction between the two results in a unique aesthetic not achievable in either medium. In an increasingly digital world this becomes more relevant, as we seek to hold on to the past whilst continuously pushing forward to the future.

Starting with an exploration of an idea, thought or emotion, an initial painting is created. This is then deconstructed and rebuilt and painterly marks are then reapplied. This process is repeated back and forth until satisfied, often going through many stages. The improvisation required to do this allows the work to move between the conscious and unconscious. Finding the abstraction within the abstract.

The final part of the creative process is left to the viewer. They can choose to interpret the meaning if they wish, or they can just allow themselves to be moved in some way.

Deconstructionbecomes discovery.

There is peace in discomfort, harmony where there is none.

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Luminosity – Available as NFT on
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Rapture – Available as NFT on
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